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Here at Creative Storytelling we pride ourselves on encouraging creative and interactive learning fun for children in educational establishments and in the home. 

We also offer and provide creative activity services to all ages , including adults in a variety of establishments including; county and local town councils, residential care homes, schools, working with charities and the general public

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The products we offer, support, encourage and provide clear links to learning specialising in the Early Years Foundation Stage and beyond. 

Through use of our story books and activity packs , we encourage the use of simple, traditional, fun and engaging methods of learning using all forms of creativity, whilst also providing printed and downloadable material for children to learn, play, and interact with.

Supporting your children's learning and development has never been so easy and fun. Each book and activity pack are designed to be fully engaging for you and your child/children, this ensures learning becomes a fun and natural part of the activities.


The Gingerbread Man

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Read - Sing - Make - Play


Our story books have a rhyming repertoire and provide a broad and language experience which supports speaking and listening skills. All books have fun and interactive questions relating to the story, this encourages links directly to Early Years Learning. 

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We offer an audio CD with every story we write. This may include a feature song written to accompany the stories, a narrated version of the story and some music and movement songs linked to the story or a learning theme. Through using re-arranged/re-written traditional rhymes and new music we provide opportunities for both child-led and adult-led activities which can help support your children’s acquisition of language and communication, aids their personal and social development, their physical agility, well-being, imagination and creativity.

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The additional creative learning activities and downloads provide opportunities to share, and enjoy a wide range of interactive learning fun, with music and movement, art, messy play, and key skills activities.     

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Children learn best when using all five senses.

Combining reading, music and movement, and creative/messy play Creative Storytelling offers fun, engaging, and interactive opportunities that encourages the use all the senses. This encourages, and supports learning and development across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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