Creative Storytelling workshops encourage, support, and specialise in providing hidden learning experiences for the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5 years) and beyond. 


Our works shops can be adapted to cater for any age group including adults which are run as fun, interactive and engaging creative activity workshops rather than a hidden learning experience.

We use simple, traditional, fun, creative activities; alongside new, original and exciting material for children (and adults) to create, learn, play, and interact with.


Our workshops and activities are designed to be fully engaging for you, your child/children and adults, offering a sensory experience to cater for all needs and ages levels. for children this allows hidden learning to become a fun and natural part of the activities for all to enjoy at the highest level.


Activities include:



Traditional reading and own creations within the workshops - This helps gain an understanding to the importance of reading, creating stories and how to share them with your child/children daily.



Understanding sound and instruments. 

The Magic Music Bag, singing, silly sounds, music making - This encourages adults and children to make use of sounds all around them but also builds confidence in using our own voice.

Mindfulness Music Moments

This is a great activity that helps adults and children relax in the moment and helps encourage young imaginations to relax and then thrive. We try to use it at the start and end of every workshop and as a main activity for some workshops.



Messy play, cooking, colouring, being creative with mixed materials, creating props and art work to keep.


The range of activities we provide though our services, offer multiple ways for adults, and children to express themselves through many forms of creativity, and allows children the opportunity to experience hidden learning through creative play.

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